Charleville Art Gallery Retrofit

Students and staff from LiveSpace travelled to the Western Qld regional town of Charleville, in July 2014 at the invitation of the Murweh Shire Council. Students are working upon the conceptual design, prototyping of exhibition displays and documentation for the proposed Charleville Arts Gallery, a retrofitting project which will occupy the current Arts and Cultural Centre location in Alfred Street. Construction work on the gallery is scheduled to commence in 2015. While in Charleville, students had the opportunity to undertake detailed site inspections and to meet with the Council, community stakeholders, builders and representatives from Arts Queensland to discuss the project requirements.

The need for a regional art gallery to promote local artist has been long recognized by the Murweh Shire Council, Charleville Arts Gallery Inc. and the local community. The gallery will serve as a showcase for the works of local artists and also provide a venue for travelling exhibitions and events to the region. Designs for the space will allow flexibility for a wide range of future exhibition and commercial opportunities. Project teams are working in conjunction with QLD Art Gallery/GOMA and Griffith University QCA Web Gallery and Griffith Artworks to ensure best practice is achieved in gallery design and allow for travelling exhibitions to occupy the space.

Student Project Team: Ashlee Barker, Silken Howls, Dylan James, Matt Murphy, Meghan Stark, Genevieve Parry, Nadine Dickson.