E-waste [RE]booted -rethink, repurpose, repair, reuse, re-educate

This exhibition, held at the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre (14 October – 7 November 2014), provided an illustrative and interactive re-configuration and re-representation of contemporary technological material culture. Specifically, object-people-context relationships were questioned and embodied life cycles including electronic waste (e-waste) implications were explored and presented back to the public for engagement, interaction, discussion and critique. The resultant work was developed from multiple discipline perspectives by students studying design at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University including; product design, visual communication design and interior environments. In each instance, students considered the implications of material culture within the Brisbane context, and the complexities regarding the role of design, technology, distribution, repair and product stewardship programs within this cultural frame.

In collaboration with Queensland Museum INVENTory space & suppliers MRI & MobileMuster, product design students worked with suppliers MRI pty ltd and Mobile Muster to re-think waste relations, to reimagine and reconsider their relationship to technology, material artefacts and waste. Product design students designed artefacts to place in the space such that it was engaging / providing a learning opportunity for the general public to learn more about material culture and electronic waste.